Portajon Intro

Public (Washroom) Enemy

Wacky WeatherWatch 2

Free Money

Midtown Dragway

A Toast

Sports Spectacular

Rock’N’Roll Holocaust


Monument Avenue edit / full

Mile High Traffic Spy

Super Sweepstakes Slime

A-Hole Of The Blues edit

Dale’s Football Fashion

Wacky WeatherWatch 1

PowderPuffs vs Ruff’N’Tuffs

Portajon Signoff

I’ll Be Seein’ Ya

My Money Never Runs Out

Miss Mandy Hanks

Keep This Coupon

Frank Gresham

Audio Gallery

Excerpts from an assortment of bits and radio-plays I’ve written/voiced/produced which have aired on New York City free-form radio stations WFMU and WKCR. The final three tracks here are cover songs, two performed as The Wildparty Sheiks, a hokum quartet I co-founded. The Sheiks performed “Keep This Coupon” for Bruce Knapp, who wrote the song for his (ASIFA Soundtrack Craft Award) short film.

For more examples of my solo music, please visit www.myspace.com/frankgresham.

For more Wildparty Sheiks music, please visit www.myspace.com/wildpartysheiks.

All radio-plays © ℗ Frank Gresham.   Please give the audio files on this page some time to fully load.