Frank Gresham


Awards & Citations

2010  ASIFA Excellence In Animation Award: "DENNIS & GNASHER EPISODE TITLE SEQUENCE,"  Long form animated TV series for BBC/Channel 9 Australia/Red Kite.

2005  BAFTA Award nominee.  Pucinella Award; Best TV Series For Children: "THE CRAMP TWINS; SEASON 2,"  Long form animated TV series for Cartoon Network UK.

2001  ASIFA Design Award winner: "JERK CHICKEN,"  Pilot Episode for Pitch Productions/Nickelodeon.

1994  ASIFA Design Award winner.  1996  Sesame Street Film Festival Citation: "BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END," & "CO-OPERATION,"  2 Independent Shorts for CTW/Sesame Street.

1992  ASIFA Design Award winner:  "SPEEDBUMP THE ROADKILL POSSUM,"  3 Shorts for HPT/MTV Liquid Television.

1992  Harvey Cartooning Award nominee; Best New Talent:  "FRIEND OF THE DEVIL," published comic strip, drawn for The Grateful Dead Comics#2/Kitchen Sink Press.

2007  ASIFA Soundtrack Craft Award.  WILDSound Best Musical Score Award: “KEEP THIS COUPON,” independent film by Bruce Knapp. Music performed by Frank Gresham & Jonathan Royce (a.k.a. The Wildparty Sheiks).


2012  Gallery Exhibitor: "Too Art For TV 6,"  6th annual curated group exhibit showcasing the individual artistic endeavors of work-for-hire animation industry professionals; select comics, animation, paintings, and illustration embracing the experimental and the whimsical. Bunnycutlet Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1992  Solo Exhibition:  "FRIEND OF THE DEVIL," employee showcase displaying the original illustrations of my published comic strip “Friend Of The Devil” drawn for The Grateful Dead.  Broadcast Arts, Inc. New York, NY

Academic Experience

2013  STUDIO ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR; ADJUNCT FACULTY:  Presently teaching SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS (NYC) BFA degree students INTRO TO ANIMATION and ANIMATION WORKSHOP studio courses (also CE-Digital Storyboarding class). Instructing, evaluating, and supervising pupils as they master the basics of animation and then continue to make their own short animated films employing these concepts.

2009 MA THESIS ADVISOR, EDINBURGH NAPIER UNIVERSITY (UK): Served as animation mentor for graduate student as she prepared her thesis project film.

2007 MFA THESIS ADVISOR, SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS (NYC): Served as animation mentor for graduate student as he prepared his thesis project film.

2005 MFA THESIS ADVISOR, THE NEW SCHOOL (NYC): Served as animation mentor for graduate student as she prepared her thesis project film.

2002  MFA STUDIO ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR; ADJUNCT FACULTY:  Taught PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN (NYC) MFA degree students an intensive Animation Studio course. Instructed, evaluated, and supervised pupils as they made individual short animated films from start to finish.

Production Credits

2012  STORYBOARD SUPERVISOR:  Co-supervised the storyboarding of Season 5 of celebrated “Adult Swim” staple “THE VENTURE BROTHERS” a long-form (13 x 22') episodic cartoon series for Cartoon Network/Titmouse Animation NYC.

2011  ANIMATION DIRECTOR:  Supervised the storyboarding and Flash animation production of animated Christmas special “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE” for live-action TV series “EUREKA”; Syfy/Curious Pictures.

2011  ANIMATION DIRECTOR:  Supervised the Flash animation production of pilot episode “RANCHO CUCAMONGA” for Fox Television/Curious Pictures.

2008-2009  CREATIVE ASSOCIATE PRODUCER / VOICE DIRECTOR:  Supervised all creative aspects of (and directed the title sequence and UK voice performances for) the iconic UK cartoon series "DENNIS & GNASHER,"  a long-form (52 x 11') episodic co-production for BBC/Channel 9 Australia/Red Kite.  ASIFA "Excellence In Animation" award winner.


2006  ANIMATION DIRECTOR:  Supervised the storyboarding and animation of pre-school Flash pilot episode "SKITTERVILLE" for Playhouse Disney/Flickerlab.

2002-2004  SERIES ANIMATION DIRECTOR:  Directed all creative aspects of Season 2 of the highly successful UK cartoon series “THE CRAMP TWINS,” a long-form episodic production (52 x 11') for Cartoon Network/Telemagination.  Pucinella "Best TV Series For Children" award winner; BAFTA award nominee.

2001  FLASH ANIMATOR:  Animated the racy Flash animation pilot "NERVE/KITTY LYONS" (with co-animator and tech-director Richard Mather) for HBO/Curious Pictures.

2000  DIRECTOR OF ANIMATION / HEAD OF PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Designed all characters, props and locations, and did all storyboarding and sheet-timing for the award-winning slapstick Flash animated pilot episode "JERK CHICKEN" for Pitch Productions/Nickelodeon. ASIFA “Design Award” winner.

1999  STORYBOARD SUPERVISOR:  Supervised team of three storyboard artists and four storyboard revisionists for "DOWNTOWN," the edgy Emmy-nominated animated series (13 X 22’) for MTV Networks.

1998  ART DIRECTOR / HEAD OF PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Designed, then supervised the construction and lighting of the fanciful and unorthodox cut-out/stop-motion animated short "A GAME TOO FAR" for the mixed-media pre-school show "A LITTLE CURIOUS" for Curious Pictures/HBO.

1997  ANIMATOR / LAYOUT ARTIST:  Responsible for storyboarding, layout, and traditional 2-D animation of two quirky five-minute "OFF-BEATS" shorts for Curious Pictures/Nickelodeon/Kablam.

1996  SUPERVISING DIRECTOR:  Directed in-house team of production designers, colorists, storyboarders, and layout artists, as well as an overseas production team for this adorable series of (13 X 5') episodes of "SNIZ & FONDUE" for Ink Tank/Nickelodeon/Kablam.

1995  HEAD OF PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Designed all props, locations, and supporting characters; did all storyboarding, color design, and layout; and directed construction of CGI characters for "MOXY & FLEA," a ground-breaking live-action/motion capture/CGI mixed-media animated pilot episode for Cartoon Network.

1995  CHARACTER DESIGNER:  Responsible for design and construction/rotation/expression drawings of key and supporting cartoon characters for "SPORTSBENDER," a long-form episodic series (13 X 22') for Jumbo Pictures/ESPN 2.

1994  CREATOR / DESIGNER / DIRECTOR / ANIMATOR:  From the ground up, created two award winning "relational concepts" independent shorts, "BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END," & "CO-OPERATION," for Sesame Street/CTW. Exclusively conceived, scripted, designed, storyboarded, laid out, animated, and directed ink-and-paint, music/SFX, and post production of these colorful shorts. ASIFA Design Award winner.

1992  ART DIRECTOR / HEAD OF PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Designed all characters, props, locations, and supervised construction of all models, costumes, props, and sets for "BRICKFACE & STUCCO, Season 2" a grouping of 5 quirky mixed-media/live-action interstitial shorts for Harrison Powers Transmissions (HPT)/MTV Network.

1992  ANIMATION DIRECTOR / HEAD OF PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Designed all characters, props, locations; did all storyboarding and layout; supervised and directed team of production animators for each of three "SPEEDBUMP THE ROADKILL POSSUM" award-winning shorts for HPT/MTV Liquid Television. ASIFA Design Award winner.

Staff Production Credits

1985-1991  STAFF DESIGNER: BROADCAST ARTS, INC.:  Served as production designer for numerous animated and mixed-media works created by this late '80's cutting-edge NYC production studio. Work included contributing designs of characters, props, backgrounds, and special effects for commercials (Flintstones Vitamins, Jello Push-Up Pops, Kraft Macaroni), movie title sequences (Madonna's "Who's That Girl"), animation pilot projects ("The Jackie Bison Show"), and long-form TV series ("Pee-Wee's Playhouse"). Also designed and produced in-house print promotional campaign materials for the studio, and directed "Beauties & Heroes," an in-house prop color-correction service. Broadcast Arts clients included Nickelodeon, ABC Networks, Warner Brothers Feature Films, General Foods, MTV, CBS Networks, General Mills, Proctor & Gamble, etc.



Conferred May 16, 1981

Virginia Commonwealth University  department of Communication Arts & Design

Richmond, Virginia   23284


ASIFA International Animation Society: Member, circa 1989.

Screen Actor's Guild: union cardholder since 1991.

Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, 1981.

References available upon request.

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